Replacement Hipbelt

Replacement Hipbelt


Replacement belt for when you have lost or gained a few pounds. Compatible with the Sundown and easy to attach or remove. Also great for those who plan on sharing their pack with friends or family.

All accessory items typically ship within 2 weeks.

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Hipbelt Sizing

Hipbelt sizes are based on waist measurements. Measure your waist where it is most narrow, above your hips, or wherever you would like your hipbelt to sit. We recommend erring on the larger size when choosing a belt, so more padding will wrap around your waist. Make sure your waist measurement is no smaller than the minimum circumference of the size you choose though. If you think you may be losing weight (common when thru-hiking), then make sure you factor this into your decision, and consider erring on the smaller side.

  • X-Small: recommended for waists between 25"-28.75" (length of padded portion: 22.75”; adjustable range 25”-35”)

  • Small: recommended for waists between 28.75"-31.75" (length of padded portion: 25.75”; adjustable range 28”-38”)

  • Medium: recommended for waists between 31.75"-34.75" (length of padded portion: 28.75”; adjustable range 31”-41”)

  • Large: recommended for waists between 34.75"-37.75" (length of padded portion: 31.75”; adjustable range 34”-44”)

  • X-Large: recommended for waists between 37.75"-47" (length of padded portion: 34.75”; adjustable range 37”-47”)